Lake Kaniere Sky
                                                                                Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon
                                                     Saturday 29th February 2020
  Race Information, Rules and Notification
  Where possible entrants will be notified by email of their acceptance.

  $40 each competitor Early bird Entry fee closes 15 February
  $45 each competitor Entry fee between 16 & 21 February
  $60 each competitor Late Entry fee between 22& 29 February

  Registration pickup is on and at:
  29th February (Saturday morning) - 8.00am-9.30am Saturday at the Lake Kaniere Hans Bay Hub only.

  In The Case of Cancellation of the Event
  Notification will be sent out at or before 12 noon 28th February 2019.
  The cancellation will be through Facebook and this website (please refresh your browser) and if uncertain call (03) 7554099 or e-mail         
  If the event has to be cancelled Entries will be fully refunded.   
  Please keep your e-mail addresses current for the Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon as this helps the Committee communicate with you.
  A notification if the event needs to be cancelled will be in this box 


  Setting up
  Mountain bikes and kayaks must be in place for scrutineering by 9am Saturday at Hans Bay Lake Kaniere. 
  Kayakers Kayak Bouyancy and  Bouyancy vests must meet  regulations and Cyclists must meet the NZ regulations.
   Cycling Regulations  Please Read           Kayak Regulations   Please Read
  Race Briefing
  9.45am on the road by the Hub at Lake Kaniere Hans Bay for all competitors and supporters 
  Start Time
  All events (Kayak Tri, Swim Tri and Duathlon) all start at 10.00 am.

  Course Description (note all distances are approximate)
  Swim 680 mtrs,
  Duathlon Run/Swim Run 10.2 km's, 
  Kayak 7.4 Km's, Kayak Run 11 km's,
  Mountain Bike for all disciplines 21 km's.

  Kayak Triathlon (See definition of watercraft below)
  All kayak runners must be capable of running 11kms and running is on the right side of the road facing oncoming traffic starting at
  Hans Bay heading south following the lake edge  The run does a loop around the Lake Kaniere Yacht and Power Boat building then proceeds
  north along Hans Bay road, then from The Landing heads through the water race track to Wards Road, proceeding south along Wards road  
  (gravel) to the tar sealed Kaniere Road and then back to the input chute at the Hub & exits through the exit chute for your run time   
  then you proceed to the Kayak section just south of the exit chute on the shore of the lake. If in a team you must tag your team member by
  hand.Your team member must be out of the kayak when you tag. 
  Except for the start loop the kayak tri run is the same as for the Duathlon and Swim tri runners.
  Any type of single surf ski or kayak is permitted. Life jacket or buoyancy aid MUST be worn. Kayaks must be scrubbed down before the race
  to prevent the spread of Didymo. Kayaks will be scrutinised at 9.00am at the Hans Bay start of the Kayak section. Buoyancy Vests and 
  Kayak Flotation needs must be met.
  Kayakers will paddle south to near Big Bay and return to the "Hub" where they will exit their craft, leaving the Marshals to clear their craft.
  and run through the timing chute to their cycles or cyclist. As a safety measure, all kayakers are to paddle within 50 metres of the lake
  shore making sure of their inside Buoy turns on both away and return legs to the exit point close to the run start.
  The kayak course is approx. 7.4 km. View the course here Kayak Course       Kayakers Run Start    Kayakers Extended Run course
  I f Kayakers have their number underneath their Buoyancy Vest the Kayakers must remove their life jackets to make their numbers visible
  and run through the timing chute for their time to be recorded. Kayak run to the cycle section to cycle or tag their cyclists.
  A t the completion of the kayak leg, kayaks will be cleared by marshals.

Mountain Bike Course
  Helmets must be worn and only Mountain Bikes permitted due to the nature of the gravel road surface. No drafting is permitted and riders
  must be able to cycle 21 km’s. All Mountain Bikes must meet the NZ Transport Agency compulsory equipment rules.   Cycling Regulations.
  T his leg leaves near the lake transition point and follows the main road North to the well marshalled Kaniere Road-Milltown corner at
   top  of the Hans Bay hill  Cyclists proceed along the gravelled Milltown road which is winding and has a fast downhill ride into the upper
  Arahura valley, Care should be taken. As you go along the road toward the mountains you will find the Milltown Bridge  you will
  cross this bridge then you will turn around a marker and marshals. Proceed back to the Hub inlet dropping your bikes in the HUB for the
  marshals and finish the event by running through the exit chute .  Cycling Course 

  Please note "No cross trainer Cycles" are to be used in this event only Mountain Bikes
  Swim Triathlon (Swimmers must be aged 13 years as at the 2nd March 2019 and be capable of swimming 680 metres)   Swim Course
The Swim Course
  The swim starts near the first boat ramp and will be clearly marked. The swim will be 680 metres.The swim will follow a triangular course
  in Hans Bay and finishes at an exit point on the lake shore at the edge of the Hub. Enter the Hub and Exit through the short Exit timing
  chute to the start of the run.    Swim Run
  Your run starts from outside the Hub on the tar sealed road facing north. From here run to the Kaniere Landing entering and proceeding
  through the Water Race Track to Wards Road then south along Wards road (gravel) to the tar sealed Kaniere road then East back to the input
  chute at the Hub. Exit through the exit chute for your run time then  proceed to the Mountain Bike section. cycle transition. The run will be
  10.2km.  The run is on the right hand side of the road facing traffic.
  The Mountain bike leg is as the Kayak tri   Cycling Course
   The Duathlon is a Run / Cycle  Course 
  Your run starts from outside the Hub on the tar sealed road facing North. From here run to the Kaniere Landing entering and proceeding
  through the Water Race Track to Wards Road then south along Wards road (gravel) to the tar sealed Kaniere road then East back to the input
  chute at the Hub, exit through the exit chute for your run time then  proceed to the Run Mountain Bike Transition. The run will be
  10.2km. The run is on the right hand side of the road facing traffic.  Duathlon Run
  The Mountain bike leg is as in the Kayak tri -   Cycling Course
  Race Numbers
  No number, no start. Numbers must be clearly visible on chest. Individuals may wear numbers under life jackets while kayaking.
  No Road Closure
  All roads will be open to traffic at all times. Please obey all road rules.

  Relay changes are by touch of hand. Runners will be marshalled into 'team' and 'individual' chutes at the start of the kayak leg.  Finish Line
  On reaching the Hub intake chute drop your mountain bike outside then run though to the exit chute and finish.

  Assistants may only aid competitors by directing them to kayaks or cycles – NO practical or physical assistance is permitted except in the
  case of physically disadvantaged competitors.
  KEEP OUT OF ROPED AREAS and stay clear of any changeover points. Take extreme care around the courses and on driving back to
  Hokitika for the prize giving at Stumpers Hotel.

  Red Cross and Marshals
  These volunteers are there to help you should you need it. Please respect them.

  After Race Function
  Prize giving will be held at Stumpers Bar and Cafe in Weld Street, Hokitika at 3.00pm.

  Spot Prizes
  To be eligible for Spot Prizes, you must put your race number in the marked box at the changeover areas and the finish line.
  To claim a prize, you must be present at the prize giving function.

  These locally printed, cotton T-shirts cost  yet to be advised . 

  If there are 3 or less entries in a category these entries will be changed to the next most suitable category.


  Failure to comply with any of the rules of the race OR follow directions of officials OR to complete the course as set out will result  
  in disqualification. Disputes will be handled by the Triathlon Committee, whose decision is final.

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  *Types of Watercraft - All Water Craft and And Swim Gear Must Meet Cleanliness for Didymo this is Compulsory reading   Non cleaned kayaks will be disqualified from entry to the race.

  Types of Water Craft Permitted for the Lake Kaniere Scenic triathlon are Kayak, Canoe, Surf ski, 
  All craft shall be seaworthy, your craft including buoyancy vest and gear will be scrutinised before the section starts.
  All competitors shall wear a NZ/AUS approved Buoyancy vest at all times on the water Your craft must be paddled with a paddle, double
  ended or single ended. All competitors if unable to self right and carry on after a tip out, must stay with their craft and signal for rescue
  with their paddle in the air.
  Lake Kaniere can sometimes be cold, it does happen, be prepared for hot, warm or cold weather so dress accordingly for the Kayak and
  Swim leg of the race. For kayaks it is wise to have a spray skirt if the weather is rough.
  All competitors will be in for spot prizes and all times will be taken.
  A ny requests for the use of Water craft not in the list above will be considered on a case by case basis, feel free to ask 

  Go Hard and have a great day!

        The HUB 
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Kakapotahi hope
Wards2 / Main Bush
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